Freeze Frame Norfolk.
Photography/Image Wizardry

Restoration can be a painstaking

time consuming process,drawing

on all the skills & experience of the

restorer,- as these two examples show. Time & patience coupled with

the awareness of how special these

images are to my customers, give

the doing & the finished product a

matter of pride & satisfaction .

The image on the left was in a terrible state, printed on a fabric woven card that had long since become a floppy canvas rag - star crazed as a broken windscreen, with obvious serious damage more pronounced,

the origonal was apprx 3 inches oval shaped,the finished

 image could easily print at 40cm x 30cm. 

The image on the right, had spent a large part of it's life in the wallet of

a traditional photographer,- very respected & experienced in film. It is of him as a child.He was amazed & excited at digital developments in the profession,

retired but not forgotten.

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